Machiavelli (Lost Socks B​-​Side)

by Real Clothes

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B-Side to Lost Socks EP


My brother, he was a painter
He dipped his brush in whey
And when he looked at himself in the mirror
He thought he saw a place

Where the leaves fell apart,
Where she never broke his heart

A still life in black,
A means to an end

My sister, she was a tailor
And she drew blood as she pulled the thread across
The four points of her hand.
At the edge of the bridge she looked down at the water
She thought she saw a place

Where the leaves fell apart,
Where he never broke her heart
A still life in black, a means to an end

Now he's working the pole with his capital d
The alphabet never made much sense to me
How it ends with a y and begins with a c
It's always the same with crazy

A means to an end


released August 21, 2013
Vocals: Nico Fox
Bass: James Colvin
Guitar: John Sfara
Miscellaneous Strings: Ben Hirsch




Real Clothes New York

She walked until her feet gave wind to blood.
She washed up on the shores of BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.


There once was a girl who washed up from the sea
She had seashells and ochre in her hair
She found herself in a city where the land threatened to swallow her whole

When they found her she claimed Neptune as her home
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