Hideaway (Single w/ B​-​Side)

by Real Clothes

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Single release for Youngbloods 2015 compilation:


released February 5, 2015

Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Production, etc. by Nico Fox




Real Clothes New York

She walked until her feet gave wind to blood.
She washed up on the shores of BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.


There once was a girl who washed up from the sea
She had seashells and ochre in her hair
She found herself in a city where the land threatened to swallow her whole

When they found her she claimed Neptune as her home
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Track Name: Side A: Hideaway
Between the two trees
I stood still
I remember you well
My diving Bell

Do you hide?

Soft bespectacled
Prairie boy
Does the river wish you...?
Does the kidder kiss you?

Do you hide?

Undercover little giver
Stings like sweet
And tastes of sour
She hides
Track Name: Side B: What Strong Eyes You Have (The Wolf) [Forest for the Trees Remix]
"Where are we going?"

"I am going to my grandmother, who is ill, Mr. Wolf."

"Where does your grandmother live, Little Red Riding Hood?"

"Along that path, past the wild rose bushes, then through the gate at
the end of the wood, Mr. Wolf."

Then Mr. Wolf again said "Good morning" and set off, and Little Red
Riding Hood again went in search of wild flowers.

At last he reached the porch covered with flowers and knocked at the
door of the cottage.

"Who is there?" called the grandmother.

"It is I," said the Wolf.